Easy Mold Clean Up for your Home

If you suspect your home has a mold problem, the first step is to confirm your suspicions. You can do with this a simple home mold test in as little as one hour. Once you’ve received your results back from the lab, it’s time to start considering your mold clean up solutions. The good news is that if your home’s mold problem is small and/or localized you can do all of the mold clean up yourself. Here are some tips for how to remove mold from your home safely and effectively without hiring a professional:

1) If the mold in your home is the result of a leaky pipe or other water problem, make sure to stop the source of the leak first and dry the area completely. (If you skip this step, your mold clean up solution will be ineffective.)

2) Before you start the mold clean up process, make sure to put on protective eye wear, gloves, and clothing to protect yourself from any exposure to toxic mold contaminants. Pick up a N-95 respirator mask at your local hardware store to prevent inhaling any particles.

3) Secure the area to avoid spreading mold spores to any other area of your home. Use tape and plastic sheeting to block off air vents and other openings that might allow mold toxins to spread.

4) Use a coarse brush and a mixture of detergent and water to scrub off mold from any hard surfaces. We recommend throwing away any porous objects or surfaces that have been contaminated, as these surfaces are very difficult to completely remove mold from.

WARNING: Do not scrape dry mold. This will cause it to be released into the air and spread throughout your home.

5) Spray or wipe the area with a disinfectant to kill all remaining mold spores. Here are some of the most common disinfectant solutions: grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil, distilled white vinegar, borax, ammonia, or bleach.

6) If you are considering repairs to the infected surfaces with paint or caulk, it’s very important to make sure the area is completely dry before you do so.

7) If you are experiencing an area in your home, such as the bathroom, that is having frequent reoccurring mold problems, consider improving the ventilation of that room to help control the moisture levels.

8) Remember, mold damage may cause staining or cosmetic damage and mold clean up may not restore the original look of the object of affected area.

Easy Mold Clean up for your home