Mold your HVAC system and air ducts can be the unforeseen reason causing your family members to be sick. Don’t worry because mold growth in these areas are more common than you may think. The best thing to do is routinely check and clean your air condition systems to prevent mold from growing and spreading throughout your house. If your air vent test kit reveals that there is mold in your air ducts, here are some steps you can take to clean up the infestation:

  • Put on protective gear such as googles, protective clothing, gloves, and a N-95 respirator mask.
  • Turn off your HVAC system.
  • Remove all insulation and/or filters that have become wet or damp. Place them in a garbage bag and double bag it for precautionary measures.
  • If there is any standing water in your air system, use a wet vacuum to remove it.
  • Spray any non-porous materials, such as the duct work, coils, plenums, and drip pans with a disinfectant spray to clean off any mold, mildew, or other dirt.
  • Isolate the area you are working on with bladders to avoid spreading mold spores to the areas of your ducts.
  • Apply a mold inhibitor to all of the sections of the HVAC system to help prevent mold and control the growth for up to two years. Make sure to only use an EPA registered product to avoid adding dangerous chemicals and cleaners to your home’s air system.
  • Industrial vacuums are the best way to get rid of any remaining debris or fragments left behind from the cleanup.

In many climates, especially those with high levels of humidity, it’s nearly impossible to prevent mold in buildings and other enclosures completely. The fastest way mold spreads in your home is through your HVAC system. To avoid a larger mold problem from spreading in your home the best thing to do is to prevent mold from forming by following the steps above to clean your air vents and ducts regularly.