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Provide your customers with our Clean Vent Air DIY HVAC Mold Test Kits and let them see for themselves if they have mold in their air conditioning / duct systems. Once mold is discovered you can offer your services and products to eliminate the mold in their air.

What Is An HVAC Mold Test?

A Clean Vent Air DIY HVAC mold test can easily detect mold in your AC / HVAC system. Cooling systems are perfect breeding grounds for mold which can be extremely harmful to your health & home structure.

mold ac hvac detection -
mold ac hvac detection clean vent air -

Test results in 48-72 hours


Test your AC for mold - Clean Vent Air Solutions

Benefits of a HVAC Mold Test Kit to your Clients

Our Clean Vent Air HVAC Mold Test Kit will identify the presence of mold in their AC duct system. When the presence of mold is found, you can help your customers find a solution for a cleaner and healthier living environment.
Easily Detect Mold In AC / HVAC Systems
Optional Lab Test
Keep Your Customer's Families Safe
Improve Indoor Air Quality
Offer Your Own Services If Mold Is Detected
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Who Can Benefit From HVAC Mold Test Kit Packs?

The Clean Vent Air HVAC Mold Test Kits can benefit any of these types of businesses to provide added value.
Cooling & Heating Companies
HVAC Professionals
Duct Cleaning Companies
Home Inspectors
Mold Experts
Mold Removal Companies

Mold Symptoms

Here are just some of the harmful effects that you might be experiencing if you come in contact with mold:
Runny Nose
Wheezing & Trouble Breathing
Watery Eyes
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Quick & Easy

How To Test For Mold

Our DIY Clean Vent Air test kit is specifically designed to be super quick and easy to use. Simply clip, combine then cover, that's it!

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