Air Vent Test Kit
DIY Mold Test for Home or Office.

$ 19.99


Keep your family Safe from Hazardous MOLD.

Is an easy to use device that collects mold particles flowing through your AC unit. The Air Vent Test Kit will help find the existence of mold within your living environment so you can take the necessary measures to solve the problem.

  • Do-It-Yourself Mold test kit to detect air born hazardous toxic mold
  • Results within 24-48 hours Accurate, Safe and Easy to Use
  • Simple instructions inside
  • NO LAB FEES REQUIRED (Optional if requested)
  • Patented technology

If you are suffering from sore throat, headaches, cough, allergies, migraines, shortness of breath, asthma or any other respiratory illnesses, mold can be the cause of it. The Air Vent Test Kit, will show you if mold is present in the air you are breathing. Don’t risk your life or the ones you love. Test your air today!