Why Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Matters

Most people spend nearly ninety (90) percent of their time indoors. If neglected or uncontrolled, common indoor pollutants, like mold, can have long-term and immediate effects on your health. Indoor air pollution can be difficult to detect and if left untreated, it can maximize your risk for greater health problems. The most at risk groups for serious health problems from indoor mold exposure are young children, elderly and individuals with chronic illnesses or preexisting respiratory conditions.

The adverse health effects from frequent exposure to mold and other indoor air pollutants can range from mild to severe. Some minor symptoms may include, stuffy nose, sore throat, regular headaches, and respiratory infections. While some more severe consequences could include, lung cancer, liver damage, kidney disease, permanent respiratory disease and even brain damage.

It’s important to note that exposure to air pollutants, such as mold, from a single source may not necessarily have adverse effects on your health. Furthermore, there are no significant health risks from occasional exposure to air that contains harmful chemicals or contaminants, but continued and frequent exposure will put you and your family at a greater risk overtime.

The solution is simple! Testing your home’s indoor air quality with our easy-to-use home mold detection kit is the first step to ensuring that you and your family are breathing in clean, safe air that will stop negatively impacting your health.

What You Should Know About Mold?

  • The average 3-bedroom home will circulate twenty (20) pounds of dust through its air conditioning’s duct system each year.
  • The amount air contaminants are often higher indoors than in the air outdoors.
  • Multiple colonies of mold can live within just one ounce of dust.
  • Mold often thrives amongst temperatures that most individuals prefer in their home.
  • The presence of mold and other airborne contaminants can cause severe breathing issues.
  • The largest populations of mold and similar toxins are most often found in a home’s bedrooms.
  • Molds can be found on virtually any surface, included but not limited to, wood, paper, carpet, and foods.

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What Does A Professional Home Mold Inspection Cost?

You now know that the presence of mold can adversely affect your home’s indoor air quality, potentially resulting in prolonged health issues, but did you know how much a professional home inspection can cost? A typical professional mold inspector can cost anywhere from $400-$3000 (depending on the size of your home and the extent of the mold). These types of inspections can be invasive and in some cases, the inspector may even cut open your walls. In addition, this process can typically take 2 to 5 hours to complete.

With the Clean Vent Air Solutions Test Kit, you can complete this mold detection process all by yourself and within just one hour!

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