Air Mold Test Kit
Air Mold Test Kit
Air Mold Test Kit


Mold Test Kit – Clean Vent Air

Mold Test Kit
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A DIY Mold Test Kit that can detect mold in the air of your home or office.
Is your home safe from mold? Did you know mold can be toxic and have harmful effects on your health? This DIY mold test kit can help you easily test your home for mold. Simply clip, combine then cover, that’s it! Results should be visible within 48 to 72 hours.
Protect your loved ones by testing the air in your home or office.
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  1. Birdwatch1020 (verified owner)

    Great Product! Easy to use and the results are clear. Use these a few times a year to make sure that mold doesn’t appear again. Highly recommended,

  2. mbrownlee

    Bought a couple of these at my local walmart and they work pretty well. stick to your ac vent, pour the included solution and in a day or so it will show clear or mold.

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